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More Care Options for Good Shepherd Patients

February 5th, 2018

In collaboration with the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), Good Shepherd is now offering CHS Care Choices. This program allows patients access to hospice services while they are undergoing treatment at the end of life. Nearly 100 hospice providers across the U.S. are participating in this innovative care model.


Like hospice, CHS Care Choices focuses on quality of life. Unlike hospice, CHS Care Choices allows continued treatment for end-stage conditions, in addition to access to supportive hospice services. According to federal requirements, program eligibility is limited to patients with a diagnosis of cancer, COPD, heart failure or HIV/AIDS. Also, patients must have had at least one hospital encounter and three visits to their physician within the previous 12 months.


CHS Care Choices is responsible for coordinating care among all providers, with the primary community practitioner taking the lead in the patient’s care. Providing these alternate models of care to those who are hospice-eligible may encourage patients to choose hospice earlier in their course of care and enable them to benefit from a variety of services.


Please call (631) 465-6363 for more information or referrals.

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