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Inpatient Centers at Good Shepherd Hospice

Inpatient Hospice Care or “General Inpatient Care GIP” is one of the four levels of hospice care required to be available under the Medicare Hospice Benefit. It is a valuable tool that allows hospice staff to provide advanced clinical services for management of symptoms, complex care that cannot be provided in the patient’s

home. General Inpatient Care is intended for specific circumstances, and for a short duration of time. Inpatient Hospice Care is initiated when other efforts to manage symptoms have been ineffective. It is intended for patients who cannot comfortably remain in a residential setting and require skilled nursing care around the clock to maintain comfort.

Good Shepherd Hospice has two Hospice Centers, one in Port Jefferson, and one in Rockville Centre. Both Hospice Inpatient Centers are Article 40 Hospice Centers. That means that staff providing care, including physicians, nurses, social workers, chaplains, home health aides and volunteers have expertise in hospice care and symptom management. Patients and

family members are encouraged to tour the Centers at any time to truly understand what the Good Shepherd Hospice Centers offer.


For more information about our two Hospice Centers as well as criteria for inpatient care,

Good Shepherd Hospice Intake: 631-465-6363 or 516-586-1420