Inpatient Center - Rockville Centre

Good Shepherd Hospice is one of the largest hospice programs on Long Island caring for up to 400 patients every day. While a majority of these individuals choose to stay in their home, the Hospice Inpatient Center can provide a safe haven for those that face challenging end-of-life issues.

Good Shepherd Hospice’s Inpatient Center will be opening it's doors in summer of 2018.  Our new inpatient center is designed to be sensitive to the sacredness of end-of life. While state-of-the-art healthcare will be provided, it will also feature all the amenities of home—including sleeping accommodations for family and a 24-hour visiting policy. The center features family gathering spaces including a gathering lounge, chapel, quiet room, and family kitchen. There will be 12 private patient rooms with accommodations.

For more information please call our offices at (631) 465-6363 or (516) 586-1420.

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