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CHS Care Choices

CHS Care Choices, as part of Medicare Care Choices Model (MCCM), encompasses all aspects of care—palliative care, end-of-life care, hospice support services, and traditional health care. Like palliative care and hospice, CHS Care Choices offers care coordination, symptom & pain management and promotes patient and family preferences and shared decision making. Like hospice, CHS Care Choices focuses on quality of life at the end of life. Unlike hospice, CHS Care Choices allows continued Medicare payment for treatment of the end-stage condition.


Services include:

• Nursing—in-home nursing services, telephonic support and coordination of services
• Social work—assist with identifying additional community supports and assist with identifying patient and family needs for social or emotional support services
• Hospice aide and homemaker—personal care and assists in maintaining a safe and sanitary environment in areas of the home used by the patient
• Counseling and Chaplain—bereavement, spiritual and nutrition
• Symptom and pain management—in collaboration
with the patient’s provider, ensures patient’s needs and preferences are addressed
• In-home respite care—allows family short-term relief from caregiving responsibilities using specialty trained volunteers
• Volunteers—provides direct services and social support for the patient and family


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