Bereavement Services

Grief is a Normal Response to the Losses and Transitions in Life.

When someone important to us has died, we mourn the loss of the relationship as well as the loss of the person. The world has suddenly changed and you are challenged to find new ways to live in it. Though it might not always feel like it, grief is a natural process that can have a wide range of powerful emotions. Each of us experiences grief in our own unique way. It is important to be aware of how grief is impacting your daily life.

Our Mission at Good Shepherd Hospice is to provide comprehensive and accessible bereavement support and education to families in both Nassau and Suffolk counties. The caring and support of Good Shepherd Hospice continues after the death of a loved one. As part of our commitment to provide exceptional ongoing Hospice services, extensive bereavement support and education will be provided for a period of 13 months after the death of your loved one. Bereavement services are available at no charge and opened to anyone in the community, as it is not a requirement that your loved one have been on our Hospice Program.

Hospice families and caregivers will receive the following services as part of our ongoing care:

  • Bereavement mailings of support and education for 13 months
  • Event mailings – you will be notified of upcoming Bereavement events and special programming
  • Individual and Family Bereavement Counseling Services
  • Bereavement Support Groups
  • Bereavement Volunteers
  • Annual Memorial Services
  • Lights of Love – Holiday Memorial Program
  • Grief Holiday Workshop Series
  • Referrals to community resources that you might benefit from

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