Social Work


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Social workers are part of the hospice team of physicians, nurses, chaplains and volunteers. They are trained professionals skilled in helping people manage and cope with the many troubling changes that result from illness. Their primary goal is to help support your wishes by focusing on your individual and familial needs and strengths. Their aim is to promote your well-being and quality of life in the face of illness. They achieve this by listening to your unique situation and family history, advocating for your desires, helping you to solve problems, offering support, and providing practical assistance.

The role of the social includes:

  • Helping to facilitate decision making about medical care and plans
  • Helping family members adapt to role changes brought on by the illness and improve family communication.
  • Helping to manage difficult feelings such as anxiety, depression, fear, confusion, anger and grief
  • Helping to arrange adequate home, hospital or nursing home care
  • Helping to provide information about community resources
  • Helping to resolve financial strain though access to entitlements and benefits